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The Great British Bake Off reveals Top 4 after latest elimination

Who is the tent now free-from?

embargo 0001 hours tuesday 14 september 2021back row amanda, crystelle, george, freya, rochica, juergen, jairzeno and tomfront row giuseppe, elizabeth, chirag and maggie
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Bake Off spoilers follow.

The Great British Bake Off brought us Free-From Week tonight (November 9), with the bakers challenged to make creations that were gluten-free, meat-free and dairy-free.

And sadly, in the end, the tent became free from (sorry) Lizzie who, in a complete shocker, became the eighth contestant to leave this series, bringing us down to the final four.

The episode began with the Signature Challenge, where the bakers were tasked with creating eight identical dairy-free ice-cream biscuit sandwiches.

elizabeth and noel
Mark BourdillonChannel 4

Crystelle used her signature ingredient miso, of course, while ice cream enthusiast Jürgen used honey and Lizzie luckily remembered to close her freezer door, unlike when she practiced at home.

The Technical Challenge saw meat removed from the menu as the bakers had to make eight identical vegan sausage rolls.

In last place was Crystelle, who made her sausage rolls with "too much chili", for Paul's liking. Next was Jürgen followed by Lizzie then Giuseppe and, finally, a delighted Chigs came in first place.

tuesday 14 september 2021l r back row tom, jairzeno, george, elizabeth, rochica, chirag and giuseppel r front row juergen, amanda, maggie, crystelle and freya
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For the Showstopper Challenge, the bakers had to make a gluten-free celebration cake that contained at least two tiers.

Crystelle based her on her grandmother's dress and decorated it with red roses. The cake looked stunning and Paul gave it perhaps the ultimate compliment, saying: "You wouldn't know it was gulten-free."

But Guiseppe's Black Forest cake didn't go down so well. During the baking, Guiseppe had said he was worried, as Black Forest is Paul's favourite but Prue doesn't like it.

However, Paul sadly thought it was stodgy and told him: "I expected better from you." (ouch).

Chig's Red Velvet cake proved a hit with the judges, with Paul calling it "spot on." Jürgen presented an exquisite-looking birthday cake.

noel, prue, paul and matt with the bakers
Mark BourdillonChannel 4

However, Lizzie's creation was the most visually stunning. She presented an 'extraordinary cake', which she described as her "celebration of being different".

The colourful cake not only looked but also tasted wonderful, with Paul even remarking: "I'd have that on my 40th any day."

When it came to the final judging it was a hard call for Prue and Paul to pick who would be going home.

Chigs was announced as the Star Baker after his triumphs in both the Technical and Showstopper challenges.

ep8  noel, prue and paul
Channel 4

When Lizzie was announced as going home, Crystelle became emotional as she hugged her friend.

Lizzie said: "I feel really proud of myself and really happy," while Paul remarked that, "the problem was she came up with an ace when everyone else did as well".

Next week it's the semi-finals in Pâtisserie challenges, with only four bakers remaining.

The Great British Bake Off airs on Tuesdays at 8pm Channel 4 in the UK. In the US, it's known as The Great British Baking Show, and streams on Netflix.

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