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10 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

What's next in the village?

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

In next week's Emmerdale episodes, Manpreet prepares to testify while Meena enjoys her notoriety in the papers.

Elsewhere, there's a big shock for Gabby at Thomas's christening. And Nate and Chloe have a one-night stand.

Here's a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

1. Meena's determined to walk free

meena jutla in court, emmerdale

As her time in court approaches, Meena is primed ready to put on a show-stopping performance and walk free of her crimes.

Meanwhile, Manpreet makes the decision to testify and resolves to face her fears with Ethan's support to help her prepare.

As news filters through to the prison, Meena revels in the opportunity to publicly destroy her sister.

2. Manpreet prepares to testify

ethan anderson, manpreet sharma, emmerdale

Manpreet bravely braces herself for the interrogation on the stand as Ethan talks her through how they will question her.

As the pressure builds, Manpreet is surprised to hear Wendy has been called as a witness for the defence and wonders what Meena is planning.

Both Manpreet and Wendy anxiously discuss their parts in the trial, wondering what awaits.

3. Meena enjoys her fame

meena jutla, emmerdale

In her prison cell, Meena is slipped a chocolate bar by the prison officer and later it's clear she has won him over when he smuggles her in a newspaper.

Meena is thrilled to see she has made the front cover of the newspaper, delighted the world is seeing her in action.

She tries to savour the moment, enjoying the prospect of facing Manpreet in court in front of a captive audience.

4. Kim is suspicious of Millie's grandmother

kim tate, emmerdale

With plans under way to get baby Thomas christened, Kim's delighted to hear from Andrea's mum Hazel that she's going to bring Millie for the occasion.

But later, her good mood is shattered when Hazel says Millie's too ill to attend.

Suspicious of Hazel, Kim plots to change the date of the christening for when Millie is better and plans to overrule Gabby.

5. Gabby and Kim argue about Thomas's christening

gabby thomas, emmerdale

Excited about the special day, Gabby asks Arthur to be Thomas's godfather and he's overjoyed to be asked.

But the atmosphere sours at Home Farm as Kim and Gabby feud over the date for the christening. Eventually they agree to hold the event the next day.

Gabby sets off somewhere and a surprise for Kim awaits. But when the long-awaited day arrives, Gabby's in for a much bigger shock

6. Nate has a one-night stand with Chloe

nate robinson, emmerdale

Moira starts to get concerned about Nate's state of mind now that he's without Tracy or Frankie. She finds him very drunk with Ryan in the early afternoon and it becomes clear he's not in a good place.

Later, Chloe and Nate get close in The Woolpack and they end up sleeping together.

Nate's embarrassed about their one-night stand and when Chloe tries to cosy up to him and suggests they spend more time together, he makes his excuses.

7. Chloe is hurt when Nate rejects her

chloe, nate robinson, emmerdale

Noah catches up with Chloe on Main Street, unaware of her secret tryst with Nate. He tries to make amends for his previous behaviour and offers to take her for a drink, but he's furious when she refuses.

With her mind still on Nate, Chloe heads to Butler's and tries to flirt with Nate. He snaps at her.

When Chloe asks about working on the farm, Nate sweats, panicked his secret will come out. Later he harshly rejects Chloe so she'll get the message and she's crushed.

8. Noah tries to win Chloe round

chloe, noah tate, emmerdale

Chloe bumps into Noah after Nate has upset her and the atmosphere between her and Noah softens. Noah tries to lift her mood and Chloe's touched by his efforts.

But it seems like Noah's fixated on getting with Chloe and he resolves to play his cards right with her to get what he wants.

9. Vanessa makes a date with Suzy

suzy, emmerdale

Vanessa's mood is lifted when she happens to bump into Suzy again after their previous awkward interaction.

The two of them enjoy flirting and Vanessa is secretly thrilled when they arrange to have dinner together. Is a new romance on the cards?

10. Al tries to steal Belle's business idea

belle, al chapman, emmerdale

Frustrated working at the B&B, Belle starts to think about other avenues she could pursue. This newfound determination intrigues Al and he's impressed by her, particularly when he receives another job rejection himself.

Al has a nose at Belle's business idea, but she's oblivious that he's trying to steal her idea to claim as his own.

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