13 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

What's coming up in Walford?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, emotions run high at Tina's funeral, Linda returns and confronts scheming Janine, while Jean's behaviour continues to spiral out of control…

Here are the biggest moments coming up:

1. The Carters prepare for Tina's funeral

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    It's a sad time for the Carter family as the day of Tina's funeral arrives.

    At the crematorium, a tearful Shirley delivers an emotional eulogy for her sister Tina, who was murdered by serial killer solicitor, Gray.

    But devastated Mick is overcome with emotion when he starts to pay tribute to his beloved Tina…

    2. Linda returns to Albert Square

    linda carter, eastenders

    The day of Tina's funeral is almost overshadowed by the unexpected return of Mick's soon-to-be ex-wife, Linda.

    The Carters quickly make it clear that Linda is not welcome, since she turned her back on the family.

    3. Linda confronts Janine

    linda carter, eastenders

    Janine's scheming is exposed, when Linda recognises her as 'Judith Bernstein', the woman who visited her last Christmas and convinced her to divorce Mick.

    Linda's blood boils when she realises Janine has been making a move on Mick while she's been gone.

    Will Linda be tempted to drink to drown her sorrows?

    4. Jean meddles in Rocky and Kathy's relationship

    jean slater, eastenders

    Jean is still refusing to accept she's suffering a manic episode.

    Jean's worried daughter, Stacey, has already tried to warn Jean's fella Harvey about her mum's manic behaviour.

    Harvey is alarmed when Jean sets out to meddle in the lives of former couple, Rocky and Kathy.

    After puncturing a tyre on Kathy's car, Jean locks Rocky and Kathy in the car lot office!

    5. Shirley has a warning for Janine

    shirley carter, eastenders

    Shirley is grateful to Janine for supporting her son, Mick, during his time of grief.

    But she also has an ominous warning for Janine, not to cross a line. Will Janine beware of Shirley's warning?

    6. Sharon supports Linda

    sharon watts, eastenders

    Linda is reunited with her best friend Sharon upon her return to Albert Square.

    Sharon is, in fact, just about the only person happy to see her.

    Sharon pushes Linda to come up with a game plan or risk losing Mick to Janine.

    7. Nancy has a surprise proposition for Zack

    zack hudson, nancy carter,  eastenders

    Zack misses his cooking competition to support Nancy, after she has a massive bust-up with her mum, Linda. She pours her heart out to him over at Ruby's.

    But Nancy is left feeling guilty when she finds out about the sacrifice Zack has made for her. She discovers a way to make things right with a surprise proposition. What will Zack say?

    8. Kathy and Rocky grow closer

    rocky, kathy beale, eastenders

    Kathy and Rocky start to reconcile their relationship while locked in together at the car lot.

    However, when Rocky starts to joke about the situation, Kathy becomes suspicious that he planned the whole thing. Has Rocky blown his chance with Kathy again?

    9. Mick and Janine kiss

    mick carter, janine butcher, eastenders

    Mick and Janine share a kiss and he makes it clear that he wants them to be together when his divorce from Linda is finalised.

    Has Linda missed her chance?

    10. Janine has second thoughts over Mick

    janine butcher, eastenders

    Sonia is shocked when she finds out what's going on between Mick and Janine.

    Sonia warns Janine that Mick and Linda are made for each other. Will Sonia's warning scare off Janine, or just make her want to fight for Mick even more?

    11. Rocky faces a dilemma over Jean

    rocky, jean slater, eastenders

    Jean is forced to come clean about her attempts to sabotage Rocky and Kathy.

    Rocky forgives Jean for her behaviour. However, Jean mistakes Rocky's friendliness as flirting and follows him into the toilets.

    Rocky feels guilty hearing Harvey talk about his future with Jean afterwards and realises he needs to tell his friend what happened.

    12. Honey is not happy about Will's crush on Jada

    jada lennox, will mitchell, eastenders

    Will is embarrassed when his dad Billy invites Jada and family friend, Martin, over to watch a movie at their place.

    But Will's mum, Honey, is not happy about his growing crush on teenage mum, Jada.

    13. Mick has news for Linda

    mick carter, linda carter, eastenders

    After Mick and Janine share a very public kiss, he realises the time has come to break the news to Linda that he and Janine are now an official couple.

    How will Linda react to Mick's confession?

    EastEnders airs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on BBC One.

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