9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What's next in Summer Bay?

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Away, the Parata family struggle to deal with some tragic news.

Elsewhere, there's a turning point in the Stewart family feud, while Logan's story with Neve comes to a head.

Here's a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

1. Jasmine seeks answers from Cash

jasmine delaney in home and away
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Jasmine feels hurt after she asked Cash to move in with her and he replied with a firm rejection. Irene encourages Jasmine to talk to Cash about his strange attitude.

When confronted, Cash insists that he'd be abandoning Felicity if he wasn't there for her when she needs him. Felicity hears about this and accuses Cash of using her as an excuse not to live with Jasmine.

2. Logan seeks help for Neve

logan bennett in home and away
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Neve tells Logan that she finally accepts she needs help for her PTSD. Logan is proud of Neve for this turning point and contacts a military psychologist friend to discuss the situation.

Logan later reports back to Neve that she could get the help she needs for her condition, but she'd also face a minimum of seven years in prison for absconding from the army.

Neve reacts badly to this, annoyed that Logan discussed her situation with a stranger.

3. Neve takes matters into her own hands

neve spicer in home and away
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Neve refuses to hand herself in, challenging Logan to report her if that's what he wants. Mac tries to reason with Neve, pointing out that Logan will punish himself forever if she makes him do this.

Neve takes notice of Mac's warning and bravely hands herself in to the authorities. Logan and Mac both support Neve as the military police arrive to take her away.

4. Theo reveals he was abused

theo poulos in home and away
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Theo worries when he finds out that his community service documents were sent to his parents' address. John senses that Theo is afraid of someone and pushes to find out more.

Theo explains that he was abused by his father Dimitri, who was violent towards him when he was growing up. Knowing how short-tempered his dad is, Theo doesn't want him to find out about his recent legal trouble.

John encourages Theo to go to the police about Dimitri's unacceptable behaviour, but he refuses.

5. Ryder hears some surprising news

ryder jackson in home and away
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Ryder continues to hold a grudge against Alf and refuses to move back home. However, he's in for a surprise when Theo reveals that Alf has already apologised and ended the feud with him and Justin.

Theo encourages Ryder to do the same by moving on and forgiving Alf, but Ryder isn't ready just yet.

6. Ari is rushed to hospital

ari parata in home and away
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Mia continues to plan her wedding to Ari, which will have to take place at the prison. Chloe gets upset over this, feeling that Mia is being insensitive by ploughing ahead with the ceremony.

Later, Mia is stopped in her tracks when she receives a phone call from the prison, revealing that Ari has been rushed to hospital.

7. Ari's diagnosis is revealed

mia anderson and ari parata in home and away
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At the hospital, Logan initially diagnoses Ari with appendicitis and orders for him to be taken off for an operation. However, Logan later returns from the surgery and tells Ari's family that the situation is far more serious.

Logan explains that Ari has cancer of the appendix and tumours in his abdomen. As his condition is terminal, the only option is an extreme surgical procedure to remove all of the tumours.

This would not be a permanent solution as the tumours would later return. Ari's family are left to process the awful news.

8. Brett returns to the Bay

brett in home and away
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Karen's on-off partner Brett returns to the Bay in hope of making amends with her. Karen confides in Dean about how she loves Brett, but fears being hurt by another man.

Dean encourages Karen not to miss out on love because of fear and he's relieved when she finally listens to him. Karen then invites Brett over to talk.

9. Ryder and Alf finally make peace

alf stewart in home and away
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Alf and Roo confront Ryder at his caravan and also follow him to work. When Ryder goes on a break at Salt, Alf makes a heartfelt apology for treating him like a child.

Ryder is impressed by Alf's genuine words and accepts his apology, which finally ends the Stewart family feud.

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5.

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