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Hollyoaks' Shaq Qureshi leaves Verity Hutchinson devastated in new scenes

Shaq's plans for the future don't include Verity.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Friday's first-look episode (March 25), which is available to watch now on All 4. As these scenes haven't yet aired on TV, this article contains storyline details that some viewers may prefer to avoid.

Hollyoaks charmer Shaq Qureshi has rejected Verity Hutchinson as he continues to make big plans for his future.

There's clearly unfinished business between Shaq and Verity after their previous romantic connection, but Friday's first-look episode left their chances of a future together in serious doubt.

Shaq is currently searching for a wife and is receiving help from matchmaker and old friend Nadira, played by new cast member Ashling O'Shea.

The show's latest episode saw Shaq try to fool Verity into thinking that Nadira was his new girlfriend by deliberately being vague about the nature of their relationship.

nadira and shaq qureshi in hollyoaks
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Nadira was unimpressed by this and warned Shaq to tell Verity the truth, otherwise she'd withdraw her help.

Later, Shaq met Verity at The Dog and set the record straight that Nadira is his matchmaker as he wants to find a Muslim wife.

Verity was clearly hurt by the revelation, admitting that she still held out hope for their own future.

She asked: "Suddenly you're a devout Muslim? I think you've been to a mosque, like, once."

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Shaq pointed out that his adoptive mum Hasina and his stepdad had a great life together when they were fixed up in a similar way, growing to fall in love with each other over time.

Verity replied: "You could have that with me. You think you'll love this person in time and maybe you will. But she'll never replace me and there'll be a part of yourself that you can't silence.

"It'll be the regret of turning someone down who loves you more than you could possibility understand. The worst part of this is that we both know you feel the same way and you're throwing this away because of fear."

shaq qureshi and verity hutchinson in hollyoaks
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With Shaq refusing to budge, a tearful Verity was forced to leave.

Have the pair now missed their final chance to be together?

Hollyoaks now streams first on All 4, with new episodes dropping each weekday morning. The show airs Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, and at 7pm on E4.

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